First off, what is a developer?

A developer is someone who creates and develops software or applications. They are responsible for writing, executing, and debugging software source codes.

Any technology business, whether it is well-established or just a start-up, would need programmers. If you need freelance programmers or full-time developers, we’ve compiled a list of pointers to assist you in making an informed decision.

There are three choices available to you:

Hire an outsourced developer

The most cost-effective option is to hire an outsourced developer. They may be from a foreign country with lower living costs. oDesk to rent a coder, which is now known as, is a freelancing website that comes to mind as a recommendation for outsourcing.

Hire a local developer

You can distribute flyers and conduct face-to-face interviews to find the programmer you need.

Find a business partner who is a developer

You need to find someone who is just as committed to the projects you’re working on and the business as you are. You need someone with whom you can truly communicate. Since a business partner developer would be partnering with you for a long time.

More importantly, you’ll want someone who is committed to the business and the projects you’re working on. It’s similar to getting married in that you’ll need to spend a lot of time together. You don’t have to hire developers right away; start by collaborating on small projects and work your way up from there.

Programmer's portfolio

Key points to hiring a software developer - Ademar Tutor

A developer’s portfolio isn’t just a website where you can create something on the spur of the moment. It is a collection of a developer’s work. Since they are costly to manufacture and are constrained by the budget and imagination of the client. So, before you hire a developer, make sure they have the vision and expertise to complete the project, particularly if it’s a complicated one.

Meet the creative team

Key points to hiring a software developer - Ademar Tutor

Make sure you meet the creative team before signing any deal. Ascertain that both the contract and the creative team are on the same page. And after you sign the contract, there might be a clause that states that if our creative team discovers that, it is even more complicated. Then you have to raise the price because you’ve already invested in some way.

Base contracts on milestones

Key points to hiring a software developer - Ademar Tutor

When it comes to paying for app production, most contracts divide the cost into percentages such as 30% upfront, 40% halfway through, and 30% when the software is finished. This is terrible; instead, you can base it on targets, such as a set sum of money to get to the first wireframe. If you don't like the way the team works but still need the wireframe. You simply pay up to that point and collect the wireframes.

Download the competition

Key points to hiring a software developer - Ademar Tutor

The most valuable piece of advice is to download your competition. Download every app available in the space and make sure to check it on a regular basis. You’ll be well on your way to making a good app if you check the App Store once a week at most to see what new apps are available in your space.

Technical Skills - Ademar Tutor

Technical Skills

Technical prowess isn’t enough to achieve greatness. And you can’t expect good outcomes from people who lack the necessary skills for the job. They must write code that is clean, maintainable, and easy to understand. As a result, QA testing will take less time.

Adaptability - Ademar Tutor


A good developer must be adaptable in the ever-changing world of IT. They must always be on the lookout for new techniques and methods. The more knowledge they have, the more valuable they are to the team and the company.

Here are some tips to help keep up with the technology:

1. Trust your instincts

2. Always go back to the basics

3. Learn to debug

4. Learn to script

5. Do not get obsessed with what your code looks like

6. Go with the crowd

Love of Learning - Ademar Tutor

Love of Learning

Every day, developers should enjoy the practice of going from not knowing to knowing. One of the core developer strengths is a genuine dedication to lifelong learning. Attending industry events such as hackathons or conferences. Finding a mentor or taking on a side project are two options. There are several ways for developers to expand their knowledge.

Embrace Mentorship - Ademar Tutor

Embrace Mentorship

Good programmers don't develop their skills by themselves. One of the reasons mentorships in IT work so well is that successful developers learn best from apprenticeship. It requires that developers reveal both their strengths and weaknesses.

Positive Attitude - Ademar Tutor

Positive Attitude

One of the most important characteristics of a successful software developer is a positive attitude. They spend their days solving problems, but they should not dwell on them. It’s important to know when it’s time to move on to the next issue after pushing a decent enough solution out. Employers should not overburden their developers with work that they cannot complete. With a positive attitude, developers can get things done and keep things realistic.

Communication Skills - Ademar Tutor

Communication Skills

Another one of a good programmer’s characteristic is their ability to interact effectively with both technical and non-technical personnel. Concepts are easily grasped and shared. It allows them to work things out based on contact with colleagues, eliminating the need for written specifications. Things like these make good communication skills and good development skills connected.

Computer programming and coding - Ademar Tutor

Computer programming and coding

Algorithms, which have become a part of our everyday lives, are the focus of computer programming. Software engineers must be familiar with a few programming languages. These include: Java Python C# / .Net Ruby

Software development

Software development requires evaluating a user's needs before designing, testing, and developing software to meet those needs. Working with real systems among high-caliber software engineers will hone a software engineer's skills.

Software development - Ademar Tutor
Software testing and debugging - Ademar Tutor

Software testing and debugging

New artificial intelligence (AI) programs, on the other hand, are primarily focused on automating software testing and debugging. These kinds of abilities are still in demand for software engineers. Programmers must think analytically about how a system is designed while testing and debugging software. The majority of people learn testing and debugging on the job.

Problem-solving and logical thinking

These are the qualities that set great software engineers apart from average ones. Even the tiniest errors can cause software problems. Instead of writing code, programmers spend the majority of their time debugging. As a result, pinpointing software issues and using deductive reasoning to solve problems is critical for software engineering.

Problem-solving and logical thinking - Ademar Tutor
Written and verbal communication - Ademar Tutor

Written and verbal communication

The ability to describe something technical or complicated to an individual is one of a successful software engineer's essential characteristics. Developers should be able to clearly articulate their work at all times. When a client has an issue with company apps, they would be able to communicate effectively.


Since software engineers often work in groups, interpersonal skills are essential. As a result, respect for others, the ability to listen, the ability to receive criticism, and the ability to empathize are all critical. All of these abilities are crucial. The majority of teamwork skills can be taught, but some must be mastered on the job over time.

Teamwork - Ademar Tutor

Pros and Cons Freelance Programmer


Hiring a programmer over the internet can lead to unexpected results. It’s more or less like a wildcard. You may or might not find what you’re searching for. Someone from Germany or China could be the best developer for your project. Using freelance coding helps you to access talent that you would not otherwise have. With freelance programmers having a max annual pay of $179,000.


The programmers on your project’s team are unable to come to the office. When it comes to conversation, nothing beats face-to-face. It may also be necessary for a team to work together in the same room to complete your project. It’s possible that you’ll have to choose between talent and ability or communication and collaboration.

Pros and Cons Software Development Company


Hiring a software development company has at least two advantages. They have experience and enjoy working on projects that are likely to be close to yours. They’ve got your back and know what they’re doing. You don’t have to waste time looking for a programmer who possesses the required skills and qualifications. Instead, a company meets your needs, and you pay them to create what you want. They’ll be in charge of schedules, workflows, and the final product. Hiring a software development company also solves the issue of freelance programming. They’ve previously collaborated on challenging projects and can communicate better.


Probably the major disadvantage with software development companies would cost. It costs a maximum of $198,974, and that is just for one developer. You are going to hire a whole team of them. When you employ a software company, you’ll get additional stages in the software development cycle that freelancers usually overlook. Even, at first, while working on the app. It’s possible that the company would collect information about the project. So that they can provide you with a better product and ensure that you are satisfied with the results. You might also face communication issues. Especially if you work with a company from a different country. You might face problems like language barriers, not being able to express what you truly want. Compared to dealing with a freelancer, you’ll receive complete information about their skill set and previous experience. Whereas in development teams, you can’t say who exactly will be working on your app. That’s why before working on a project, a meeting where all the team members can be introduced to you would be highly recommended. All of these things take a lot of time and money.

Make a list of the qualifications you’re looking for in a candidate. Position the recruiting process to appeal to the types of people you want on your team. Feel free to be as descriptive as you wish. If a particular level of technical expertise is needed at your start-up, make it clear.

Motivation and enthusiasm go hand in hand, so if you want to recruit motivated developers, look for enthusiastic applicants about your start-up’s mission.

Establish a straightforward recruiting process and make it simple to apply for a position at your company. Hiring the incorrect person for a job will cost up to 30% of that person’s first-year salary. Since software engineers are pretty costly to employ, the cost of hiring someone who isn’t a good match for the job may be very high. That is why creating a developer career page is always worthwhile. On this page, tell candidates what you’re looking for and what they should expect from the hiring process. It’s similar to laying out the whole workflow. When people are under pressure, they always perform poorly. You will relieve some of the stress by letting them know precisely how the method works and how they can plan. You’ll get better-performing applicants, as well as a stronger and more informative indication of talent and culture fit.

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Additionally, this will provide you with a much better candidate experience. Great developers can pick and choose their employers, so communicate your goal and vision. You must make the start-up an appealing place to work for them. In a sea of similar businesses, you must stand out. You will need to show developers why they should choose you over the competition. You’ll stand out if you create a recruiting process that interacts with people who share your beliefs and purpose.

Share your mission and why developers are critical for that mission on your career page and your job advertising. Perhaps your goal is to make workplaces a better place to work. Developers who share your enthusiasm for bettering people’s lives will be drawn to your cause. So long as they can see how their job leads directly to it.

Social evidence also aids in the recognition of the start-up’s advantages. Via direct communication on the issues that matter most, your start-up will eventually become a very enticing place to work for top developer talent. What you’re looking for, what it’s like to work for you, where you’re going, and how they can help. Bring future applicants into the vision and demonstrate why they should not miss out on the adventure.

Here is a brief list of what you might generally include in your criteria:
cliphole clip handle
clip handle
• Company Description
• Job Requirements
1. Type of Programmers
a. Front-end
b. Back-end
c. Full-stack
d. Mobile
2. Programming Language(s)
a. Java
b. Python
c. Ruby
d. React Native e. Etc.
3. Education Level and Type of Degree
4. Level of Experience
• Job Requirements
1. Overview of Project Requirements
2. Prepare a Workflow
3. Code the Project
4. Test the Project
5. Provide Maintenance
• List of desired soft and hard skills
1. Soft Skills
a. Communication
b. Creativity
c. Analytic Thinking
d. Time Management
e. Flexibility
f. Teamwork
g. Patience
h. Adaptability
i. Time Management
e. Ability to take criticism
2. Hard Skills
a. Debugging
b. Software Algorithm Design
c. Android Software Development Kit or SDK
d. SaaS Programming
e. Proficiency in any programming language you desire
(Java, Ruby, Python, etc.)
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You may also want to provide an overview of your business and its culture. Ensure that you hire someone who can fit in well with your team’s culture. Have details about pay and benefits in the job description as well. The more open you are about your bid, the more likely candidates will consider it. Salary range, services, office perks, self-improvement options, flex hours, holidays, or remote work options can all be used to entice possible applicants.

Use a well-structured interviewing technique. Not every interview goes off without a hitch. As a result, it would be preferable if you prepared ahead of time. Inquire about any questions or subjects you’d like to explore, including hypothetical and real-world scenarios. This way, you can put the applicants to the test and see what they’re made of.

Give people a reason to want to be a part of your team. What matters is that you communicate to your candidates the importance of the project you will be working on together. Inform your applicants about what makes your business so successful. What makes you stand out from the competition. What makes it unique is what the team’s target is.

Encourage them to raise their hands and ask questions. This allows the applicant to learn more about your business. Some people will need support, while others will be self-assured and ask questions right away. Use this opportunity to communicate with the applicant by being transparent and truthful with your responses.

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