Client Testimonials

Ademar is a joy to work with because of his remarkable communication skills and dedication. Anticipating problems is really the mark of a great software engineer, and Ademar is very much superior in that arena. He has an incredible knack for asking the right questions in the absolutely fewest words possible. Instant chats with Ademar are much like Haiku with never an extraneous word exchanged. In addition, Ademar scores the highest possible marks in the realm of dedication to the task on hand.

Atty. Dan Halper, CEO of DVNO Software

Deciding to work with the Ademar was the best decision I have made since starting. I came in with an idea and some doodles and Ademar was able to work side-by-side with me to turn that into a real product that I am extremely proud of and impressed by. The team put in extra hours and effort to make sure that I was satisfied with the final product, although I often changed my mind on important decisions during the design & development process. Not only did Ademar build an incredible product, but Ademar was an incredible partner and friend with my best interest at heart.

Ethan Leavey, Founder of Failup