I build apps for Startups.

In my 13 years of experience in software development,
I've been fortunate to contribute to a range of meaningful projects:

I co-founded a startup in Singapore to help companies find and assess developers.

Codetoki received multiple international accolades from World Economic Forum (WEF), Clinton Global Initiative, Microsoft and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

More about my experience on Codetoki

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I build SaaS SEO Tools

I have been interested in SEO and building SEO tools.

In 2017, I was contracted to help launch a SaaS SEO tool in the US that had awesome reviews from Brian Dean (backlinko.com) himself.

I have been maintaining that application ever since.

Learn more about Linkhunter here

I build Peer-to-Peer Rental Platforms

I was contracted to work on the MVP and still currently maintaining the web and mobile app (iOS) of the first peer-to peer rental platform focused on sustainability in the UK.

Learn how I built peer-to-peer platforms here

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I build social platforms for collaboration

I worked with a former Director of the Office of Public Liason of the United States of America, George Sifakis, to launch and deploy his company website, IdeagenGlobal.com powered by Microsoft Azure.

Ideagen - Where Global Leaders Convene to address the world’s most vexing issues.

More about the process building Ideagen here


Want to know more?

Email me about your project idea and I’ll provide you with a plan on how we can build an MVP version of it in a month.

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