Use database sorting and filtering whenever possible in Rails

Given an ActiveRecord relation, use where soit's going to be lazy evaluated when we actually access it.

Parsing string date, time and datetime with Rails

Easiest way to parse date, time and datetime in Rails

How important is code quality vs getting things done?

How much value does your employer put on code quality, design patterns, tested code, test coverage vs. shipping features fast and fixing/refactor it "later"?

Things to consider before starting a software project

Things to consider before starting a software project.

Accidentally working on a wrong branch in GIT

Solution to accidentally working on a wrong branch in GIT.

User Experience Pattern - One Thing Per Page

User Experience pattern - One Thing Per Page pattern is about splitting up a complex process into multiple smaller pieces, and placing those smaller pieces on screens of their own.

Setup JQuery Masked input in Rails 5

Instructions to setup JQuery Masked input in Rails 5

Continuous Integration with Rails, Heroku and Bitbucket Pipelines

Instructions to setup Continuous Integration with Rails, Heroku and Bitbucket Pipelines

Setup Mailgun on Namecheap

Instructions to setup Mailgun on Namecheap

Delayed Jobs with Heroku

There are instances where your application needs to process jobs on the background in order to give a quick response to the user. An example of which is when you are sending emails or accessing 3rd party APIs. If your app is deployed on Heroku, then you can use Delayed Jobs.

Using formvalidation-rails gem with Rails

In any modern application, one of the requirement is to have a form that has a responsive validation. If your building an application with Ruby on Rails application, and using Bootstrap or Foundation, then it's the best to use Formvalidation.

Geocoding in Rails with the Geocoder Gem

Geocoder gem is a geocoding solution for Ruby. With Rails it adds geocoding (by street or IP address), reverse geocoding (finding street address based on given coordinates), and distance queries.

Using google_places with Rails

google_places gem, a gem that servers as a ruby wrapper for the Google Places API.

Authentication with Devise and AngularJS

Guide to help you create a login for users using Devise Gem with AngularJS and Rails.

Setup MongoDB with Rails

This a tutorial to help you setup MongoDB as the database for Rails. Let's start with a bit of info on MongoDB.

Setup AngularJS with Rails

Setup AngularJS with Rails.

Syncing PostgreSQL database from Ubuntu Server to your local Rails environment

How to copy data from PostgreSQL server to your local Rails environment


A change made to the internal structure of software to make it easier to understand and cheaper to modify with- out changing its observable behavior.

Redirecting with AngularJS

I needed a way to redirect to another page inside an AngularJS controller, specifically after successfully submitting a form to the server.

Rails Decorators for Views

What are Decorators? Decorators help extract view-specific business logic from models into decorator class. Here is an example code that puts view-specific business logic in the model